Wednesday 21st August 2019
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Success Stories

Case Story from Bhaktapur

On April 12, 2019, we got a phone call from Mr.  MehendiKasghar of Champak Brick Kiln, Changunaryan Municipality 05 of a case about hair loss and off feed in one of his mule. Our team of four reached on destination in afternoon and attended the case. Clinical signs showed patchy hair loss all over the

Traditional Healer Referring Cases to Veterinarians

“After attending interaction workshop of traditional healers organized by Brooke-AHTCS, I felt that the contents of discussion were knowledgeable and relevant to our work. After workshop, I have referred three cases of colic to the veterinarian for treatment and indeed the animal healed within thirty minutes. Then I believed old school of thoughts and perceptions

“VAHW Training changed my life”

Mankumari Gaire (Sita) was born in Chhahara, Palpa 34 years ago. She now lives in Khanigaun-5, Chapakhola, Palpa.  She couldn’t study further after she got married at the age of 17, while she was studying in 10th standard. She got confined to household works after marriage. In 2071, Mankumari got opportunity to take 35 days

 A VAHW Turned Technician          

Born on 2033 BS in Lumle-04, Haijung, Kaski, Mr. Homnath Subedi passed SLC in 2049 and IA in 2055. After IA, he voluntarily served in a local primary school for seven years. He also started vegetable farming and cattle rearing during this period. According to Mr. Subedi, his life changed along with his profession after