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Case Story from Bhaktapur

On April 12, 2019, we got a phone call from Mr.  MehendiKasghar of Champak Brick Kiln, Changunaryan Municipality 05 of a case about hair loss and off feed in one of his mule. онлайн займ на кредитную карту срочно

Our team of four reached on destination in afternoon and attended the case.

Clinical signs showed patchy hair loss all over the body with little or no irritation and anorexia. Ectoparasitic infestation was also seen in some parts other than the hair loss area. According to Mr. Mehendi it had been 5 days since hair loss and the mule also showed reduced feed intake during this period.

To address the problem, ivermectin tablet was provided initially. But no improvements were seen upto Day 5 of treatment.

Based of clinical signs exhibited, the condition was diagnosed to be nutritional alopecia (Zinc Deficiency). Consequently, Zintek (Zinc sulphate -150 mg) and Glossy coat (Omega-6, Omega-3 and Biotin) for 10 days was used to address the problem.

Before treatment












While following up after 8 days, we found that the patchy area was slowly been covered by new hair and the coat was found to be smooth and shiny with no or little ecto parasites -infestation. Off feed problem also slowly resolved following treatment.

After treatment