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AHTCS has its own land with an area of approximately 20 thousands square meters ( about 42 Ropani) at Arva Bijaya, Pokhara sub- metropolitan, Ward no. 22, Kaski District. Which is located about 7 km east from Pokhara.

AHTCS has established a training center in its Arba resource center. The training center has a two storey hostel facility that can accommodate 35 people. It also has a canteen and a class room and hostel has provided with power backed up system. The class room is furnished with salient teaching materials such as multimedia projector , desktop and printer, various hands outs, training related posters/charts, audio- visual training materials, veterinary equipment, veterinary medicines and vaccines.

Training Experience:

AHTCS has experience of development of new training packages in the field of animal health and husbandary and agriculture on the need of community. The training carried out by the organization develops a larger understanding of livestock and agriculture production systems and social mobilization from diverse perspectives: Peoples, livelihood, gender, caste and class. The training and capacity building curriculums are meant for the community workers and development workers in the field of animal and agriculture.

From its establishment till date, AHTCS has delivered various training courses for the improvement of quality of life of poor , marginalized and needy farmers by making partnership with other partners. The summary of major training conducted by the organization is listed below.

  1. Village Animal Health Worker Training (35 days)
  2. VAHW refresher Training
  3. VAHW Facilitation Training
  4. VAHW Level-1 Skill Testing Orientation and Examination
  5. Animal Management Training
  6. Goat Raising Training
  7. Pig Raising Training
  8. Poultry Health and husbandry
  9. Animal Breeding training
  10. Small -Scale Slaughter House Management  ( Hygienic meat Production)
  11. Commercial milk production and processing
  12. Fodder and Forage production Training
  13. Animal Nutrition and Management Training
  14. Zoonotic Disease control and Prevention Training
  15. Shed Management Training
  16. Integrated Fish Farming Training
  17. Commercial Vegetable Production Training
  18. Non Timber Forest Production Training
  19. Group Management training
  20. Saving and Credit Training
  21. Gender Sensitization Training
  22. Women’s Rights and Legal Awareness Training
  23. Basic Cooperative Management Training
  24. Agro-based Market Management Training