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Basic Values

  • Professional Integrity: Being honest and honorable; having strong moral principles.
  • Respect: Acknowledging, recognizing and appreciating each person’s qualities, respect for all religions.
  • Openness: Sharing and receiving plans and ideas without reservation. No hidden agendas.
  • Transparency: Ensuring information can be easily accessed and understood by everyone; nothing kept secret or hidden.
  • Participation in Decision-Making: Being willing to get involved and contribute suggestion and feedback, as well as acknowledging and valuing the input of others.
  • Gender Sensitivity: Respecting male and female as equally important and valuing both.
  • Equal Opportunity for All: Treating everyone equally with no regard for sex, caste, religion, or ethnic group.
  • Use of Local Resources: Always trying first to use materials and people already available at a location.
  • High Quality Service: Being ready and willing to assist wherever possible, particularly to benefit others. Delivering the best possible product.
  • Partnership: Partnership with like-minded organizations and grass root groups based on transparency, equity, and mutual trust.
  • Forgiveness: Being willing to move forward after a disagreement or error; not holding a grudge, being resentful or bitter.
  • Compassion to poor and marginalized People: Priority will be given while selecting community or participants to the poor and marginalized people.
  • Inquisitive to livestock development: Kindness, Care and Management, professional moral, conduct and animal welfare.