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About Us

Animal Health Training and Consultancy Service (AHTCS) was established in 2000 as a service-oriented, non-profit making non-governmental organization for improving the living standard of marginalized communities through partnership with national and international organization and agencies. It was started by Animal Health Improvement Program (AHIP) of Rural Development Centre (RDC) under the direction of United Mission to Nepal in 1981 to address the myriad of constraints faced by rural livestock raisers. It is registered in District Administration Office Kaski and affiliated with Social Welfare Council. It works for the benefit of its target communities in the areas of animal health, husbandry and equine welfare. It also addresses need-based livestock-mediated program diversification such as livelihood enhancement via agriculture practices.


AHTCS will be a sustainable and leading organization for building self-reliant, healthy and sustainable farming communities.


Improve the qualities of life of poor, marginalized and needy communities by providing them with eco-friendly practical education and services on animal care and its associated agriculture practices, using local resources and linking with other partners.