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For the first time in Nepal, in coordination with Heifer International Nepal and Animal Health Training and Consultancy Service, Hybrid Digital Distance Learning Training (HDDL) for village animal health worker was successfully conducted in Arva resource center. This training was mainly focused for empowerment of women selected from specific area in which they were assigned to stay for 5 days in training center provided with tablets containing the VAHW application loaded with curriculum and contents to study. After orienting them for 5 days about the application, course content, handling of tablet, lesson plan for self study they were sent back to their home and did self study for 30 days. The contact person regularly monitored their performances for a month and they returned to the training center for 10 days practical course. Within those 10 days they got chance clarifying on confused topics, focus on learning skills such as castration, preparation and administration of various routes, taking vital signs from animal which will help them in controlling, diagnosis ,prevention and treatment of disease eventually.

The goal of the training was to research which training system either traditional VAHW training of 35 days or digital distance learning of 45 days would be more relevant to enable women to become competent VAHWs and serve their community. The hypothesis behind this training is that women are not able to attend 35 days long training institute as they have to look after various chores in their home including taking care of animals they own.