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Distribution of fodder seeds (Oat and Berseem) at Dang district

17th November 2019,

Because of inadequate availability of quality feed and fodder malnutrition and under-nutritionhas been a major contributing factor to poor animal health and low productivity and ultimately compromising the animal’s welfare. AHTCS has been a pioneer organization working in the field of animal welfare for the past decades. Hence, in order to address the concern, provision of motivation and technical assistance to the farmers regarding green fodder production to ensure the animals health and welfare has been an integral part of its working strategy.

In collaboration with the Livestock Service Centre, Ghorahi sub metropolitan city, distribution of fodder seeds (Oat and Berseem) was conducted among various Equine Welfare Groups and brick kilns at Ghorahi and Tulsipur of Dang district. The program was conducted on 18th of October at Ghorahi,19th October at Belganar, Tulsipur, 22nd October at Bangaun, Tulsipur and 5-8th November at various brick kilns in Ghorahi and Tulsipur. About 116 kg of Oat seeds and 65 kg of Berseem seeds were distributed among the 28 members of the various EWGs and 10 brick kilns of Ghorahi and Tulsipur. Apart from this, demonstrative learning sessions were also provided by the AHTCS staffs regarding the cultivation methods and practices (land preparation, seed rate, sowing method, fertilization, irrigation, weeding, harvesting, etc.) to ensure the success of the potential of the fodder production.