Wednesday 22nd September 2021
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Photo Gallery

Plantation Program at Arva Resource Center(ARC)

June 29: On the occasion of Ashar 15 plantation program was done on the vicinity of  Arva Resource Center(ARC) , Pokhara by AHTCS staffs. There was wide variety of various fodder like  Nimaru, Takki, Bakaino,  paiyu  and  herbs like Tejpatta ( Indian bay leaves)  and including fruit like Amala.         

Glimpse of Animal Health Camp organized at Arva, Bayarghari

Celebration of 20th AHTCS Day

Some Glimpse of 35 days VAHW training and 5 days Basic agriculture training.


Project Wrap-up(closing) program at Machhikhola, Gorkha

             A 10 years long Journey of Sustainable Equine Welfare through Improved Human Behavior and Working Environment Project (April 2010-March 2020) in Northern Gorkha was finally wrap up on 7 January 2021 at Dharche-5, Machhikhola, Gorkha. In Northern Gorkha only equine is means of transportation. No other modern means of

3 days Clinical refresher training to AHPs by AHTCS Vets at Machhikhola, Gorkha.

                3 days clinical refresher training was conducted between  4th Jan to 6th Jan, 2021  at Machhikhola, Gorkha. Total 14 participants were trained in this training including group of vet JTA and VAHW. The participants were local animal health service provider based at various places of Dharche Rural Municipality

Distribution of fodder seeds (Oat and Berseem) at Dang district

17th November 2019, Because of inadequate availability of quality feed and fodder malnutrition and under-nutritionhas been a major contributing factor to poor animal health and low productivity and ultimately compromising the animal’s welfare. AHTCS has been a pioneer organization working in the field of animal welfare for the past decades. Hence, in order to address

Rescue of an abandoned horse mare from Katunje, Sallaghari, Bhaktapur

Sallaghari, Bhaktapur, 21st November 2019, Thursday An abandoned free roaming horse mare was rescued from Nayamanoram, Katunje-5, Sallaghari, Bhaktapur by AHTCS team in collaboration with Animal Nepal team. The incident was reported to AHTCS by a local resident on 20th November. Upon receiving the information, AHTCS and Animal Nepal team visited the area, located and

Rewarded as The Best Animal Welfare and Service Provider organization in Gandaki Pradesh.

Animal Health Training and Consultancy Service (AHTCS) have been rewarded by Department of  Livestock Services, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, Harihar Bhawan, Lalitpur (see attached document) as the best Animal Welfare and Service Provider organization in Gandaki Pradesh. Thank you to all helping hands for your dedicated supports in organization’s mission.

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