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Rescue of an abandoned horse mare from Katunje, Sallaghari, Bhaktapur

Sallaghari, Bhaktapur, 21st November 2019, Thursday

An abandoned free roaming horse mare was rescued from Nayamanoram, Katunje-5, Sallaghari, Bhaktapur by AHTCS team in collaboration with Animal Nepal team. The incident was reported to AHTCS by a local resident on 20th November. Upon receiving the information, AHTCS and Animal Nepal team visited the area, located and restricted the mare to a well fenced suitable site and restrained her for assessment. According to the local residents, the mare has been roaming around for past several months and during the initial days the she was in poor body condition and was limping but over the past few months her condition was improved gradually. Assessment revealed her to be around 10+ years old and was in a fair body condition. A few harness marks were evident on the upper trunk region, her left eye was completely missed and ocular mucous membrane revealed slight congestion while other parameters were near to normal. Upon completion of the general examination, she was transported safely to the Animal Nepal’s shelter located at Godawari, Lalitpur. AHTCS does not have its own shelter for rescued animals that’s why AHTCS entrusted that animal to Animal Nepal in a coordinated way.

Furthermore, AHTCS team has been paying a close attention to the incident and there is a rigid argument whether the animal was left behind by one of the equine owner from the previous brick kiln working season or not. While as for now, based on the information obtained from relevant sources there is no evidence that the abandoned animal belongs to any of the equine owners from Bhaktapur Brick Kilns from previous season.