Wednesday 29th May 2024
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Project Wrap-up(closing) program at Machhikhola, Gorkha

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A 10 years long Journey of Sustainable Equine Welfare through Improved Human Behavior and Working Environment Project (April 2010-March 2020) in Northern Gorkha was finally wrap up on 7 January 2021 at Dharche-5, Machhikhola, Gorkha.

In Northern Gorkha only equine is means of transportation. No other modern means of transportations are available there. Equine carry all the necessary goods, all basic needs to the people and animal of northern Gorkha. Without equine no lives are possible over there. Despite of its importance equine are considered as under-rated animal over there. They fulfill other people and animals basic needs but their simple basic needs are not secure there. Considering these fact we launched our project from April, 2010 and tried our best to enhance equine welfare and uplift livelihood of equine owner and handlers, sensitized local government to focus equine on their annual planning, budget, provided Equine related training to local Animal Health Practitioner, minimized superstitious belief by raising awareness among people and so on.

The program was concluded with the presence of 23 people including chairperson of Dharche Rural Municipality, chief administrative officer Dharche, IT officer Dharche, Phase Nepal Coordinator, chief of livestock service department Dharche, chief of livestock service department Gumda Dharche, chief of livestock service department Kerauja Dharche, chief of livestock service department Maanbu Aarughat, Equine traders, Equine owners and Handlers, Planning consultant of Purnima Project and local businessman.